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Polymorph Art Gallery - Our Philosophy

  Polymorph Art Gallery aims to create a professionally selective platform for emerging artists to display their work. The space provides exposure of a high quality of contemporary art to the diverse audience that is attracted to Polymorph Body Piercing, as well as those in the arts community that visit purely for the gallery space.

The gallery is a safe space for self-expression, which is all embracing and accessible to the wider community as well as minorities and fringe culture. Due to the unique environment of Polymorph and the distinctive atmosphere and history of the space, the opportunity arises for the inspiration of those who may not usually visit galleries.


Polymorph art gallery has the facilities and domain for all mediums in a refreshingly different venue as well as a friendly and professional team to fulfil your works potential. Situated in the heart of Newtown the heritage building provides raw yet refined juxtaposition for contemporary art. Open six days a week the gallery provides the longest fully staffed hours of all the small galleries in the area, allowing the artworks exhibited to gain maximum exposure to the public.


Exhibitions are curated, hung and demounted by a small well-trained team, meaning the only labour required of the artist is bringing in and picking up their work and providing the artwork specifications and hanging instructions. The Gallery sustains a healthy number of sales of which a very low commission is taken because we believe it is the artist who should benifit most from the acquisition of their work.


Group exhibitions run for 2 to 4 weeks and are a great economical option for artists working to build a name for themselves. While each exhibition is differently themed we encourage broad or unusual interpretations of those themes to support diversity within each show. Openings are always held on a Tuesday between 7:30-9pm, often featuring performance artists, DJs as well as a generous supply of wine and beer from the Duke Hotel, Enmore. Polymorph Art Gallery is also available for solo or private (not themed by Polymorph Art Gallery) group shows, however these will need to be booked several months in advance.