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 logo.gifNavel  piercings are a simple but unique placement that has evolved over the years. Many people get their navel pierced and as it can easily be concealed you never know who might have one. Initial healing is 6-8 weeks however it can take between 6-9 months to fully heal. Consistent good aftercare during the initial stage can ensure a smooth healing process. Special attention should be given to minimizing excessive movement from tight clothing, certain exercises and activities and to never turn your jewellery ( the equivalent of picking a scab). 

All our Piercers pierce navels free hand which means no uncomfortable clamps and minimal bruising and inflammation, we aim to provide the most comfortable experience possible.

There is a wide range of jewellery options available designed to work with the movement and the shape of the area. Rings while once commonly used can prove a difficult healing due to excessive movement, Curved barbell's have proven to be the most comfortable and affective way to heal your piercing. A ring is an option more suited to a fully healed navel piercing.

Jewellery is available in solid 18k gold, ASTM F-136 compliant titanium and 316LVM F-138 compliant stainless steel. There is a wide range genuine and synthetic stones, colored ends in many shapes and sizes and lengths to suit everyone.


 Everyone is unique and ideally there should be no bar visible on your jewellery as this means your jewellery is too long. Leaving long jewellery in can lead to your piercing shifting forward from the movement so come in and see us to have your piece refitted to your body.
Navel piercings can be performed in a traditional central placement  or variations such as a lower navel piercing and offset placements. Surface piercings using surface barbell's or single point surface anchors (microdermal's) can also be done around the navel. Multiple navel piercings can create interesting effects as an overall project.