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logo.gifSurface anchors.
The surface anchor or microdermal is a type of single point surface piercing that allows the placement, of a single gem, spike, disc, ball or other threaded end in a range of different areas. Some more common placements are along the cheekbone beneath the eye, third eye placements, chest and sternum area's and fore arms.

Like any surface piercing it is important to choose jewellery that will work will with the body, minimizing movement and the risk of migration. Anchors do perform well in high movement area's as they are not moving in relation to a long length of jewellery. They leave minimal scarring in the event of migration.
The insertion procedure is quick and not overly painful. Using the tip of a needle a small pocket is created and the jewellery is slotted into place. The experience is often described as more irritating than intense. Once inserted there is generally minimal discomfort and initial healing is complete within a few weeks.

Care should always be taken with an anchor as they can be temperamental if not treated well. As your skin is constantly regenerating they can sometimes shift a little over the months and if caught anchors can be pulled out.  As with any piercing it is important to remember we are always available to you for support. The initial aftercare of warm sea salt soaks will always be effective to settle any aggravated piercing and we are always available to perform checkups.

microdermal.jpgRemoval of an anchor is a simple procedure but one that can be difficult to do yourself. We generally do not charge to remove anchors and jewellery from us can be reused on the same person in the future once properly sterilized.
Multiple anchors can be performed in a single sitting and there is are a wide range of placement options, feel free to drop by Polymorph for a consultation and we can give you some feedback on what will work with your anatomy and your lifestyle.