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Robert Valenti

Robert Valenti

I have been in the body piercing and body modification industry since 1998.

Body modification/body hacking are my passion, and I have had an interest in these practices since a child. I since being in the industry worked and studied and continue to, both within Australia and the USA.
I enjoy all aspects of body piercing and modification and have a love for performing skarification work, and other piercing and body modifications that aren't the main stream norm.
I have a great bed side manner and try to guide each person through their piercing experience with the upmost respect and make their journy a comfortable, clean, and virtualy pain free experience.
Body modification has been around for many centuries and the philosophies, motivations and reasons people modify there bodies are different for each individual or each tribe.

Body modifications such as piercing, branding, skarification and tattooing have been used by tribal cultures in the past and in some parts of the world today as a rite of passage into adult hood, or to mark an important event in life, birth marrige or death etc etc. The motivations of body modification today in modern day scociety differ form tribal culture, and although we modify our selves in similar ways today our motivations, philosophies and psycologys as to why we modify our bodies today are very very different.

Some people modify there bodies to achieve a look that is athstetically pleasing to themselves, which may sometime be adverse to the scociety norm, some to rebel, or sefl expertion, sexual gratification or sometimes to mark a point in life. I believe that regardless of your choice on how you modify your body, that we shouldn't judge people on there outer shell. Body modification is no different to coloring your hair, or painting your nails, cosmetic surgery, or body building, it's just a diferent way of expersing ones self and doing what makes ones self feel comfortable with themselves in the broder spectrum of things.
Thank you for your time and we hope to see you at ploymorph soon ;)


David Valenti

David Valenti

I am the part owner and Manager of Polymorph. I manage the day to day operations of the studio and also help out behind the counter. I look after all the jewellery ordering and stocking and will gladly handle custom orders and express post to anywhere in Australia and New Zealand. We have custom jeweller who makes anything you can think of plus more from Bowerbird Design in Sydney (Extremely Hardcore Jewellery).

All the jewellery we do stock and distribute is strictly the highest quality possible.

I have travelled around to alot of different locations in the world to broaden my horizons and learnt so much from every place and person i have met. I have an interest in world culture and love to meet and deal with people from any part on the globe.

I have a backround in Health Science massage therapy which has given me knowledge in Anatomy and have the opportunity to practice my skills.